Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The App for our holiday

So where do we start - find an App - this is the one we have found so far.

"HBC Hokkaido Navi" is a free service provided by HBC Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. that introduces the tourist attractions and spots using videos and positioning information.
The service provides information on tourist attractions using high quality videos based on the GPS information and your current location.

How to use the application

■Search from the contents you like
Please select the genre from the button on the main screen. The application provides various contents through images.
■Search from your current location
If you press the "present location" or "search from current location" button you can view the contents of attractions close to your current location.
■Use the navigation
When you press the "Go to this location" button at the detailed pages, the direction and distance of your destination will be displayed.
■Take a picture when you reach your destination ("CoCo Camera" Function)
When you are close to your destination using the navigation function, you can use the "CoCo Camera" function.
You can take a picture with the special image frame located virtually at each spots using the "CoCo Camera" function.
■Bookmark the contents that you like
You can bookmark contents that you like using the "bookmark" button.
■Free keyword search
You can search the contents from the search box on the top of the screen.
■Let's share the information with your friends on Twitter and Facebook
You can share the contents that you like on Twitter and Facebook when you press the "share" button.

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