Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fashion, Anime and Odd things

I find Japanese fashions very adverse - from the people in their kimono to the ladies dressed like this.

Where did this fashion originate?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photographs of our trip to Japan

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Well what do you do with all of those photographs which you take whilst you are on your holiday?

I have taken to making a book of the photographs - this I have to admit was not my idea but it was a guest who was staying with us and they were having a second Wedding Ceremony and the Husband made a book for his wife of their life together - from dating to the present day.

Romance is not dead.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't lose your umbrella!

Thought that this was an interesting idea - very clever.

Then I wondered why they were not common around the world?

Do Japanese people lose or get umbrellas stolen?

An idea - but is it strictly necessary - the rack was empty?

Fancy a snack?

I would eat this as part of a meal but I am sorry as fast food I could not purchase this.

Looks like octopus but I am not sure what it is - do you know?

Jemma tries drumming

We left the music box shop quite swiftly and we then found ourselves in the courtyard and Jemma joined in.

Next time...

We must visit a traditional sushi bar!

Note: all this stuff is plastic!

Jemma and her ice creams

We all had a lot of ice cream during the holiday but I think Jemma had the most.

We kept the little plastic holder.
We had a wonderful time...

A ceramic knife

This was a purchase that I made a ceramic knife.

This was an extremely sharp knife (Jemma cut her finger) and I am interested to know how long the blade will stay sharp?

I must be careful not to drop it, clean it with a scourer and I can clean it with a little bleach.

Let's see...

A lovely canal

This was adjacent to the rickshaw ride that we took - a lovely setting.

I do no know how much the canals are still used though...

Red post boxes

I do not know how long it is since I have seen a red post box?

Why are post boxes painted red here?

Flavoured chocolate?

I was not sure about this - in fact I did not try.

Would you try it?

I have to add that they also had chocolate covered crisps, which I did try and they were disgusting!!!!

Green Tea Kit Kats

A popular item in Thailand - I think that I will stick with the original flavour.

The Body Shop

I was surprised to find these products here - not in a designated shop with a multitude of other beauty products.

This did make me wonder whether what they were doing was legitimate?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Movies on the aeroplane

Jemma and I had so much to choose from!

I started with Oblivion and Jemma started with Wallace and Gromit...

Followed by Iron Man 3, Olympus has Fallen and The Croods.

Mummy was asleep - guess Jemma picked this up from daddy :)

Thank you to everybody

This was a dinner where we all dressed correctly and were joined by another family.

Thank you to everybody who was so lovely to us.

Look after your doggy

Well this was found in the shopping mall. 

As we have seen the sign to allow carried dogs to be allowed entrance I should have expected this.

Clothes for your dog!

I did take care if a wedding couple who were going to start this business in the United Kingdom.

I wonder if they did start?

NOT Hello Kitty

These little pussy cats are everywhere - they are a lucky charm and are in all of the local shops.

Clever things but I do not know their name and their exact symbolism.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A snack at the airport

I am glad that we bought these - potato sticks! 

Jemma slept through breakfast and is now hungry for crisps!

Hand luggage

I do hope that we are sitting together and  not next to this hand luggage.

As an aside I wider when they will start to weigh you and your luggage?


Airport Internet

This is the server to use at this airport.

Go on the Internet and you will have a page in Japanese.

Scroll to the bottom and click on the 'for free' frame.

Scroll to the bottom and click 'I agree'.

Or the other way round?

Thank you for the service.

Au Revoir Japan

Hope to see you again.

Stamp your book

Everywhere we went there were places which had stamps that you used.

Lots of people had a book in which they collected stamps - there was also promotions that you got if you collected a specific set.

An interesting idea...

More ice cream

Jemma and I thought that they were going to sprinkle these over the top of our ice creams.

They didn't!

What you see are actually 'bubble pops' - these are actually balls of ice cream and they we reserved with our ice creams!

Jemma had vanilla and I had mint chocolate - delicious.

Smoking areas

I was surprised to see so many if these little places scattered about.

I was even more surprised when I saw them being used - then I noticed that there was almost minimal smoking in public.

Does this system work?

What is the best system to manage smoking and discourage smoking?

Taps in the bath

Travelling through Asia and working at a hotel I thought I had seen many taps.

I was wrong - this had to be worked out!

The temperature could be regulated - that's what it says,

Turn one way for the bath and one way for the shower. The tap part in the right regulates the temperature.

But which tap system do you think males the most sense for a hotel?

The shower systems are different as well.

The one tap for the showers - is there a universal system that we should follow?

Plugs and sockets in Japan

This was odd - after working in Asia and looking at all the guides I have NEVER seen this type of plug!

Is this done by the hotel so that you don't steal the lamp?

I have forgotten my...

This is a machine which I would like to see more of!

For all those people who do not bring a cable, a plug, an adaptor or something else to make their toys work.

Quite a good idea actually :)


This is a sign which I have not seen whilst living in Thailand.

There seems to be a plethora of DVDs and magazines of pretty Japanese ladies - well that's what it seems like!

A spiral girdle

"You can get a thigh gap."

Not seen this promoted before - the more I look the more I don't want to know.

Fancy a bite!

Dinner - nope, fooled you!

As we were walking around the terminal restaurants it was odd to see all this food on display!

We asked Jemma to look at a particular restaurant and check the French Fries - she was surprised to find that they were't real.

In fact none of the displays were real - the French Fries looked authentic - just like a McDonalds.

I am surprised (but happy) that there have not been many - none in the terminal.

Oral rehydration drink

We needed some water and we purchased this...

It is not quite water - it is a rehydration drink that I know should be promoted as a drink for visitors to Phuket.

Many problems occur because of dehydration.

Jemma makes a friend

Jemma makes a friend in the play area.

Wonderful and simple, I watch them play and laugh. As we walked away I asked Jemma what her friends name was and she told me she didn't know!

Then told me that she was talking together but had she had no idea what she was telling her!

The beauty of childhood.

LEGO success

LEGO minifigures are here!

How much did I pay to get a packet from Amazon?!

Then there is a new import duty - I really did not think that these would be so popular in Japan. I didn't see LEGO Ninjago though, only LEGO Chimera - too close to reality?


This was beautiful - next to the fields of Lavender there was a field of sunflowers- lovely.

Japanese countryside

The bus let out noises of wonder as we passed these fields.

The bus stopped and photos were taken.

I took one as well (I didn't want to miss anything) and realized that I could have been taking photographs of the countryside in England - odd.

Special knickers

Just by wearing these knickers!

I wonder whether there must be a disclaimer on Japanese products?

Is there a culture of taking a company to court for false advertising?

Green tea with a difference

It looks exactly the same as the green tea that I purchase in Phuket!

It isn't - it was horrible - needed sugar!

Western style vending machine

I found a more typical Western style machine and I was immediately able to understand what I wanted and swiftly used it.

I forgot!

Nescafé is the bottom if the list for me already and vending machine coffee is always a gamble.

I lost!!!!

Our driver and his apparel.

Our driver wore these gloves...

As we visited many places I found that this was common amongst the drivers?

A traditional Japanese 'vending machine'?

You make your selection here and a ticket comes out at the bottom and then the change.

You then take your ticket to a stall where they prepare the drink out the back.

But how did I choose?

Hamburg & Hamburger - a difference?

So the difference between a Hamburg and a Hamburger is no bun?

I can think of no reason to having a burger without all the bits - unless I am wrong?

You can bring a dog but...

A trend which is getting more popular in Thailand is carrying your dog.

It has obviously reached greater popularity here already!

Where did it start?

Ice Cream

Why can we buy ice cream everywhere?

The only place that I ca recall this much is Brighton in England...

A sock for a different reason!

Wondering why this shop sold so many socks!

I was wrong - they are for something very different!

I am glad we did not buy one...

Surprised to see this!

Where was I?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time for a snooze

Well time for Kanga and Polar Bear anyway.

Shopping Mall

After visiting a traditional Japanese Mall yesterday I should not have been surprised when there was another version.

This was not in the town but built on the outskirts with a car park - very Western feel.

Tower Records, Starbucks and Toys R Us was my aim...

Too late the bus is going :(

Found Starbucks BUT...

Not open until 10 am though...

Arm protectors

Popular here as well as Phuket


WiFi works outside in the coach but not in the room?

Vending machines

There are these machines everywhere!